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Terms And Condition

Safe and Secure:

The website offers you a safe and secure way to book your accommodation and your security and safety is always a priority and precedence for us. Our main concern is that your information may never go into the wrong hands


The hotels and transfers are just our affiliates. Their services are advertised by us but in no way, you should consider it a recommendation from our side. We ensure the highest quality of standards of services by these providers as mentioned by them but still you should never take the advertisement of services by us as a recommendation from us. The hotels and you are responsible for all else.


The rates and services displayed on our website are not extremely hard and fast and they are subjected to the fluctuation and change with the changing market trends

Gaurantee of Best Prices:

It is a guarantee that you get the best competitive rates for your budget on our website. You can compare the rates at any time but we can bet that you be able to find so much luxurious services in such reasonable rates anywhere else

Cancellation Policy:

At Mahatat Al Alam, we provide you the full ease of cancelling your booking. We have the policy of rendering the best services and best comfort to all our clients and customers. After the confirmation e-mail by us, you agree to the provider terms and conditions. Some of our providers offer the cancellation policies and you can cancel your booking at any time according to their rules and regulations and with their deduction policies


Mahatat Al Alam is only responsible for the fulfillment and remedy of the damages that are incurred due to the negligence in the rendering of services. We don't take any responsibility on the behalf of the provider

Accept Cookies & Privacy Policy?

Mahatat Al Alam uses Cookies and other technologies belonging to us and third parties to enable our website to function correctly and securely, and to personalize its content. We also use Cookies to analyze user browsing and adjust advertising to the user's tastes and preferences. Read our privacy policy to find out more.

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